Celebrating International Women's Day!

This three hour workshop will connect you to the divine feminine and inner goddess.

You will be guided through a series of meditations that take you on a journey to reconnect with your true nature and divinity, and have the opportunity to express this journey with colour and mark making, leaving with 3 pieces of art. These pieces of art will act as keys, doorways to new consciousness and your sacred self. 

No previous experience with art or meditation is needed.

Come with an open mind and want to play! This day is a gift of self love and creation and everyone’s unique way of working is honoured and celebrated. 

This event is part of our International Women's Day celebrations! Find out more about the week's events here.

What you will need: Any art materials you would like to use: paint, pastels, charcoal. Paper will be provided.

Session: Saturday 12 March 10am - 1pm

Tickets: £20 

Tutor: Beth Macey-Macleod

In 2009 after the birth of her first child Beth suffered with Postnatal depression and anxiety. Yoga and meditation helped her recover. In 2011 Beth left her employment as a Police officer and trained as a yoga and meditation teacher and began sharing the tools that helped her stay calm and centered.

Beth turned to Art as an expression of herself and for about a year repainted the same canvas that hung in her kitchen. Beth found she loved to play with the paint, she loved the freedom and flow that would come from painting with her fingers, arms and body. 'Movement, dance, sound and tears would ripple through me as I worked through emotions that came to me as I painted.'

In 2019 she began to paint more pieces and joined an art class. Beth realised her passion was connecting to energy and bringing through 'formless flow' which, as she observed through her work, slowly began taking shape and form. Beth found she began having a relationship with these paintings and they would talk to me, she would see and read their energy like a tarot reader would read their cards.

'Creating was a joy and helped heal so many different parts of me. I regained my confidence and realised that I was an artist.'

Beth's Exhibition is from the 19 February - 30 March at Forest Arts Centre and she is also doing an informal Meet the Artist on 19 February. 

Book your space for Divine Feminine Art Workshop with Hampshire Cultural Trust's Forest Arts Centre, New Milton now!

We are taking steps to help everyone have a safe and enjoyable time. More information is available here.

  • Divine Feminine Art Workshop

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