Keith Rogers: FROM HERE TO THERE And In Between
Contemporary prints, drawings and digital artwork

14 November 2018 to 5 January 2019

By its very nature a transition is unfinished, but as it evolves, we have the opportunity to pause and discover special moments along the way.

The artworks created for this project are about the process of change and the anticipation that, in the midst, discoveries of something new and unexpected may be found. In the space a pause creates, our natural awareness arises, allowing us to be mindful and open to whatever is happening. 

By letting go and learning to pause we can move our overactive minds gently into an empty space and find that happy place. 

Preview: Thursday 15 November from 6pm-7:30pm


  • Painting entitled Ajanta Cave
  • Painting entitled All Mixed Up
  • Painting entitled Nirvana
  • Painting entitled Papancha
  • Painting entitled Red
  • Painting entitled Rolloing Stop