Join us for a restorative day of relaxation, rejuvenation, and upliftment.   

 We will begin the day with a series of breath work that will calm the mind and support you dropping into your body.  

 In this space of safety, we will use different yogic kriyas (postures) to stretch the nervous system which will transform and reduce stress and tension. A sense of well-being will flow as your body and mind begins to harmonise with your heart. You will feel calm, relaxed, and filled with love.   

 After lunch you will be invited to raise your energy through a dance and movement exploration. Utilising imaginative stimuli, you will be verbally guided into fun and accessible movement that allows the inner dancer to emerge from within. Dancing Free with Emilie will enable you to enjoy mindful, embodied, and cathartic dance alongside processing complex emotions and rejoicing life.  

 We will end the day with a sound bath which will leave you feeling completely rested, rejuvenated, we are sure you won’t want to go home! 

Session: Sunday 16 June, 10am-4pm

Tickets: £60/£54

All abilities and bodies are welcome to participate. No previous experience is needed.   

What you will need to bring: 

  • A light lunch. Hot drinks (herbal teas) will be provided. 
  • Yoga mat. You are welcome to use a chair if you feel that is more suited to your needs. The space is accessible for all and you and your wheelchair would be most welcome.  
  • For your comfort please wear layers & non-restrictive clothing 
  • bring a warm blanket & pillows. Being warm and tucked up supports your ability to surrender to the experience.  


A Sound Bath uses different vibrations of sound to promote deep relaxation of the body, heart, and mind. Sound soothes the vagus nerve, takes you into the parasympathetic nervous system, and creates a physiological change.  

A Sound Bath cuts through the overwhelm of external environments and allows your mind to let go of racing thoughts and drop into a place of peace. Your brainwaves change from the beta state of everyday processing and cognition into an alpha state of relaxation which reduces stress and anxiety. The sound waves promote deep relaxation and can help improve your mood, imagination, and intuition.  

Beth creates a deep, safe space, and cocoons you in unconditional love. Here in this sanctuary, Beth uses her voice, crystal bowls, wind chimes, and the gong to create sacred sounds.  

The gong can get loud so caution is advised if you are pregnant, epileptic, or noise-sensitive. If you are unsure if a sound bath would be suitable for you, please consult your doctor before coming to the class. 

Tutors: Beth and Emilie.

Beth is an Artist certified Sound Therapist, and Kundalini Yoga, breath and meditation teacher and follows the Wise Woman Tradition of Folk Medicine as an apprentice Herbalist at the Sacred School of the Wild. You can find more about Beth’s work at 

Emilie is a Dorset based dance practitioner, facilitator, and dance artist - alongside working in Arts Marketing. Emilie’s embodied movement classes ‘Dancing Free’ include a merger of guided improvisation, storytelling, meditative relaxation, and great music. Dancing Free classes and workshops run regularly in locations around Bournemouth, Southbourne, New Milton and Southampton. Emilie is intrinsically interested in embodied movement, conscious awareness, and empowerment through dance. All of which she strives to guide others toward. 

  • Wellbeing Retreat

Dates and times

  1. Sun 16 Jun 2024
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