Imagine going to the cinema and becoming part of a pop-up orchestra who create every single sound FX and the musical score!

The Enchanted Cinema’s new touring project, The Orchestra of Enchanted Sounds, invites kids and their grown-ups to join a pop-up orchestra playing unusual, delightful and ingenious instruments from a festoon-lit FX “tree-house” to bring to life scenes from much-loved animation The Snowman.

Every child gets a chance to be involved if they choose to, with older kids rising to the challenge of playing the xylophone or singing the Walking in the Air chorus on stage, and younger ones delighting in perfecting the sound of jumping through the snow or a tearaway motorbike, whale, running tap, owl or toothbrush. The atmosphere is very inclusive and light-hearted and each show also features a live musical score by The Enchanted Cinema. 

The show starts with a vocal warm-up, preparing the chorister within for the unforgettable Walking in the Air sequence. The Enchanted Cinema performers then ask for help from your good elves… sorry, selves to create sound FX for different images seen in the film from a festoon-lit table of instruments. The 30-min workshop is followed by Dianne Jackson’s magical animation (also 30 mins). Supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

Event: Sunday 10 December 3pm - 4.30pm

Tickets: £10 Adult / £5 Child


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