Join us for a FREE, fun session purely aimed at encouraging play and playing with other children for ages 7-13. 

Play is the best way for children to learn and communicate. Through play, children figure out how to interact with one another, problem solve, make decisions, collaborate, and work together as a team. 

Session: Saturday 10 February 9am-10am & 5 April 11.15am-12.15pm

Tickets: FREE* Donations welcomed

Tutors: Liam Taylor and Sophie Acott.

Liam and Sophie both teach sport for local schools and colleges in the area. Both graduated university with a degree in Sport and they graduated their PGCE's in 2023. Their sessions are fun and energetic so wear clothes you are comfortable in! 


  • colourful balls

Dates and times

  1. Fri 5 Apr 2024
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