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Cyanotype Photography Workshop


Learn the art of contact printing techniques in our cyanotype photography workshop. By learning the cyanotype process from start to finish you’ll understand what the right exposure is, the negative process and the importance of precision and experimenting. No previous experience is needed


It’s a great way to get creative, have fun and leave with 2 negatives of desired photos (to be sent to tutor before the workshop - a member of the Forest Arts Team will be in touch prior to the workshop, please provide us with contact details, preferably an email address.)


What happens during the workshop?


Mixing chemicals: the cyanotype is made up of two simple solutions 


Preparing the canvas: paper, card, textiles or any other naturally absorbent material is coated with the solution and dried in subdued light.


Printing the cyanotype: Objects or negatives are placed on the material to make a print. The cyanotype is printed using UV light, such as the sun, a light box or a UV lamp.


Processing: After exposure the material is processed by simply rinsing it in water. A white print emerges on a blue background.


Toning: Prints can be toned with tea, coffee and wine tannin.


Tutor: Attila Pasek


Attila was born in Hungary and I grew up under the protecting wings of an amateur photographer father. On his christening instead of holy water the priest
used developer, stop bath and fixer – in this specific order. However, this perfect planning was all in vain – he became a little overdeveloped. 

Attila is a simple, honest man who loves making photographs, and spending time with his family and friends. He is fortunate to be able to spend a good length of time on personal projects, travelling and collaborating with a bunch of exciting people. Attila lives in Bournemouth (UK), and is crazy about assignments which also involve travelling. His pursuit of new experiences pushes him to continually evolve his vision, while reminding himself of the importance of
maintaining his usual level of compassion and curiosity, and not forgetting to add a pinch of humour to his work whenever possible.


Book your space on Cyanotype Photography Workshop at Hampshire Cultural Trust's Forest Arts Centre, New Milton now!

  • Cyanotype Photography Workshop

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