The Serendipity Groups were started in response to requests for more opportunities to meet other people who are autistic. They are a great way for autistic adults to meet in a supportive and non-judgmental setting – each group is welcoming and encourages new members to join and participate in any way they feel able to.

If a new member just wants to come to a group and listen to others, then that is respected and there is no expectation that every member needs to participate. All groups are facilitated by a trained volunteer as well as Autism Hampshire's Serendipity team and/or community partner organisations.

Autism Hampshire's Serendipity Groups are for all autistic adults aged 18 and above. You do not need to live in the New Forest area to join that group and you do not need to have an autism diagnosis to attend – it may be that you are on the pathway to diagnosis or feel that you are autistic. Autism Hampshire understands that for some people, going through the diagnostic process is not for them.

Most people who attend the groups do so independently, but if you would like to or need to bring support with you to a group, you can do so. You will need to be able to travel independently to/from the group or arrange your own transport.

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  • Autism Hampshire: New Forest Serendipity Group coffee afternoon
  • Autism Hampshire: New Forest Serendipity Group coffee afternoon
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