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Summer 19 - Art Appreciation

May - Prerequisite Pre-Raphaelites: An introduction and exploration of a seminal art movement. The Pre-Raphaelites changed the face of 19th-century painting and opened the doors to a new way of seeing the world. (PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS HAS MOVED FROM THE SCHEDULED DATE OF THE 1ST TO THE 15TH MAY)

June - Leonardo: Renaissance Man: A meandering stroll through the life and times of the great polymath Leonardo da Vinci. This informal talk will feature many examples of Leonardo's work, notably some of 144 drawings (belonging to the Royal Collection) which will be on display in London this summer. The talk will also include a "just for fun" quiz that will include science, technology, engineering, art and maths (STEAM).

  • Summer 19 - Art Appreciation

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