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Sit, Knit and Stitch...Online

The Knitters are going online every Wednesday, 9am-11am!

This online session is a sociable space for anyone in need of a friendly face, a chat and help with knitting or crafting project. Put the kettle on, grab your knitting needles and a laptop or smart device!

Please note: once booked, the zoom session link will be emailed to you with a password, the sessions are free but donations are welcome. Please click here to donate.


Zoom Tips and Etiquette:

• Set your computer or mobile device on a solid surface, such as a desk or table, not your lap.

• Please consider what you’re wearing and ensure that it is appropriate for class and that you can move around easily if required

• Make sure your computer or device is facing an appropriate background and the lighting isn’t too bright or too dark. Be mindful of what the camera will display to others in the class and make sure there is nothing inappropriate or identifiable in the background.

• If you need to leave the class for any reason, i.e. for a comfort break, please mute your device and turn off your camera for the time you are away.

• As you would in a normal class, always respect other participants by not speaking over them when they are speaking and do not use inappropriate or offensive language. Please be aware that when using Zoom, it is often particularly difficult to hear people if there are interruptions, as it can cut out the audio of the original speaker.

• In larger groups, it is helpful if you mute your device when you are not speaking, as this cuts out background noise.


How to access and use Zoom:

• Make sure your computer or device is plugged in to a power source.

• Download the Zoom app if using a tablet or mobile device or download Zoom onto your computer. Don’t worry, you do not need to create an account if you don’t want to

• You will receive a link via email to join the online class. When you click the link in the email, it will open your class automatically without logging in. Have your password handy.

• If you cannot access your email on the same device which you want to use for the class, take a note of the meeting ID and password, head to www.zoom.us or into the Zoom app, and choose ‘Join Meeting’.

• Once in Zoom, follow the onscreen instructions. You will be able to amend your screen name – please make sure this is set as the name in which you booked the class otherwise your tutor may not add you to the session.

• Classes will start on time. You can login 15 minutes before class is due to start. You will enter an online waiting area, which will say ‘waiting for the host to start this meeting’ or ‘you are in the waiting room’. Please do be patient, as we will be checking the register as we admit people.

• Once your ‘host’ starts the meeting you will enter the class.

• Click Allow to give Zoom permission to use your computer’s microphone and camera when it asks.

• When you enter the meeting your microphone will be muted, so we will not be able to hear you. One by one we will test your microphones, please wait to speak normally until we have tested everyone, we will then begin the session properly.

  • Sit, Knit and Stitch...Online