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New Forest Film Festival presents Barney Norris (Workshops)

Barney Norris, an award-winning playwright, poet and essayist is coming to New Milton’s Forest Arts Centre in June 2019. Barney founded the touring theatre company Up in Arms with Alice Hamilton which has written and produced Barney’s plays At First Sight (2011) Fear of Music (Up In Arms with Out of Joint, 2013), Visitors (2014), which won the Critics' Circle Award and the Offwestend Award for Most Promising Playwright, amongst others.  

In addition to his plays, Norris's writing has appeared in the Guardian and the Independent, as well as writing his first novel, Five Rivers Met On A Wooded Plain, which was a Times bestseller and his second novel. Barney has also been named as one of the 1000 Most Influential Londoners by the Evening Standard. Barneys most recent venture was his first short film, Needletail, which premiered at Salisbury Arts Centre during Wiltshire Creative, in February 2019.

Barney Norris will be delivering 2 workshops at New Milton’s Forest Arts Centre on 14th June 2019 as part of the Film Festival 2019. His workshops will be about writing short films and getting short films made, more information of which can be found below:

Writing Short Films (4pm)

Barney Norris has won major awards for his work as a novelist and playwright. Last year, he began to explore working in film for the first time. In this practical workshop he will share the technical lessons that making his first short film offered him, and engage with students' ideas for stories and script, creating a space for a group of artists to collaboratively explore the stories they want to tell.

Getting Your Film Made (6pm)

Barney Norris made his first short film last year, after a decade of working in theatre and fiction. In this workshop, he will talk about the challenges he faced in creating his film, and the process of bringing the story to production. A workshop for those who are beginning to explore the potential of film, and would like to understand more about the practical steps of getting a short together.

Following on these workshops will be an opportunity to network with some brilliant individuals from the film industry such as writers, producers and directors. So if you have questions about films of any nature which you need answering we would love to see you there.


Please note that there will be a member of the New Milton Advertiser and Lymington Times taking photos at these workshops. If you would prefer your photo not to be taken then please make this known at the start of the event.

  • New Forest Film Festival presents Barney Norris (Workshops)

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