Kundalini Yoga, Rose tea ceremony and Sound Bath for a morning of pure bliss. Part of Wellness Week 3 June - 10 June 2023. 

We begin the morning with kundalini yoga which allows your body to rest and reset. Posture, breathwork and mantra support your body opening and surrendering to healing and well-being.

After the yoga, we come together in a circle and you are guided through a gratitude ceremony with the spirit of the Rose. The Rose is a gentle and compassionate healer and she supports you in balance and embodying the sacred feminine. Working with her in the ceremony is magical and can offer the opportunity to release any physical, mental and emotional blockages.

We finish the ceremony with a sound bath and you are invited to relax down on your mats and be guided through a visualization meditation. This meditation supports you in dropping even deeper into relaxation. Here in this stillness, Beth cocoons you in love using her voice, chimes and the sound waves of the gong.

Giving yourself this time and space allows you to shift your consciousness. Your brainwaves change from the beta state of everyday processing and cognition into an alpha state of relaxation which reduces stress and anxiety. The sound waves of the gong promote theta consciousness of deep relaxation and can help improve your mood, imagination and intuition.

All abilities and bodies are welcome to participate. No previous experience is needed.

The gong can get loud so caution is advised if you are pregnant or noise sensitive. Please let Beth know of any injuries you have before the beginning of the class. All poses can be moderated to suit your body. If you are unsure if kundalini Yoga or a gong bath would be suitable for you please consult your doctor before coming to the class. 

Please bring a yoga mat, cushion and blanket to make yourself super comfortable. 

Session: Saturday 10 June, 10:30am-1:30pm

Tickets: £30/£27*

*A free hot drink is included.

Tutor: Beth Macey-McLeod 


Beth is an Artist and healer and loves sharing her gifts and supports you in turning within, to listen to your unique wisdom and healing.

Beth is a certified kundalini Yoga teacher, Sound Therapist, Healer, and Apprentice Herbalist at the Sacred School of the Wild. You can find more about Beth’s work at www.lightweaving.space.

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