Bryan Mc Pherson

Boston native and freedom seeking singer-songwriter Bryan McPherson sought out refuge in Emigrant, a small town on the edge of Yellowstone to settle down in order to free his mind and conscience of the shackled idealisms of the modern world. It was in this small town that Bryan wrote his latest album ‘Emigrant and the Winter of Death’.

The introduction to the album is the aptly named “Emigrant”. There’s reflection on a compulsion to move on from where one has been to where one is going. The realisation of solitude, and being somewhere new and that sometimes loneliness is all that is needed in life without the unnecessary noises blocking your clarity of thought. The welcome song of a solitary cow, the only background noise apart from the mind of yourself. It is easy to transport yourself to this place. I found my own thoughts being surrounded by snow capped mountains, and obviously a cow, alone, in a field in the distance calling out for an unknown cause.

The scene now set, Bryan McPherson quickly snaps back to the realism that mistakes are hard to learn from on a larger than personal level. “Circle Road” calls out human greed with a level of constant hopelessness and disappointment. Atrocities of the past are compared with monstrosities happening around us all today, with the only evolution that seems to be happening to the human race being the ease through technological advances of the modern world enabling said atrocities to be done with less difficulty. Be it the rich becoming richer with the poor becoming poorer, or drones dropping bombs in war zones. The sense of it being hopeless for us all is amplified with the words early in the song “It’s just people grasping for control, making profit off of souls”, shortly followed up by ” we’re going nowhere, on circle road”.


DiElle is a singer-songwriter hailing from an idyllic village on the South Coast of England, a songstress with a knack for brutally honest lyrics, and a voice that could bring a tear to the eye of the most stone hearted souls. DiElle’s music is like the person that knows you better than anyone else, providing a sense of comfort.



 Megan Wardroper is a singer-songwriter from the marshlands of Kent. She released her debut album ‘My Thoughts Are Thinking Me’ in 2020 followed by a number of singles including ‘Two By Two’ her ‘obligatory lockdown number.’ Megan's songs shine a light on mental health, love, loss and the peculiarities of being human.


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  1. Thu 15 Aug 2024
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