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Gentle Yoga with Julie Hand

Join us in our celebration of arts and wellbeing in aid of Parkinson's Dance: Gentle Yoga with Julie Hand 

This class is suitable for the over 60's and people with health conditions.


The class is FREE and donations are welcome - all proceeds from this workshop go towards our Parkinson's Dance Class.



This gentle chair-based session will introduce breath awareness and the benefits of breath led movement.  Gentle and restorative, using flowing movements to help melt away tension in the body and mind. Sessions aim to create space for the breath and prana to flow ~ aiming to bring to each practitioner a sense of holistic movement, conscious breathing, plus body and energy awareness. Supported standing and mat options.  Suitable for all.

Tutor: Julie Hand

With a background in fitness   and dance and a Reiki II practitioner, Julie’s focus is on the therapeutic   aspects of conscious movement and breath to promote health, well-being and   peace of mind. 


Qualified with the British   Wheel of Yoga and teaching since 2003, she has since spent time studying the   principles of Tibetan Yoga and works to incorporate the philosophy of Kum Nye   Tibetan Healing Movement into the practice.    Julie has focussed her yoga sharing on breath awareness and using it   as a tool for improved well-being,   relaxation and calming of the nervous system – often working on a one-to-one   basis with people suffering with stress and its associated symptoms.


Julie’s teaching style is breath-led, incorporating flow and rhythm, to impart a sense of ‘Being’ in one’s body. Finding her way to the  Parkinson’s Dance Science Model in 2016 was a complete joy.


  • Gentle Yoga with Julie Hand

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