Part of the Fun Palaces Weekend! We have thrown open our doors to our volunteers, and local community groups for a day of FREE activities and skill sharing. Workshops are bookable and it is essential that you please book!

Modern Jive gained its unique identity in the 1980’s, its a fusion of Swing & Salsa & can even include a little eye-catching Tango and Cha Cha routines.

This class will teach 3-4 basic moves, which are danced to a four-beat rhythm, which means the musical options for Modern Jive are very diverse, so chart songs or classical can be danced too, this class will learn the basics of lead and follow & how to rotate the taught moves, so dancing isn’t too repetitive …but fun!!

Dance Instructor:

Steve has been learning & dancing Modern Jive for almost 30 years and after having formal training by Ceroc has instructed for periods, but Steve has more fun dancing the nights away!!

A fun session with our local dancers to learn the basics of jive!

Ticket: FREE

Session: Saturday 30 September 12.45pm-1.30pm

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