Finding Peace Through Nature and Art

We live in an era where finding peace is never more important.  Contemplating and creating art in response to the natural world provides a vehicle to respond to and absorb deep peace.  This course focuses on connecting to and immersing yourself in the visual and sensory world of nature.   We will look at the techniques used by famous artists such as Monet, Cezanne and David Hockney to inspire you to create your own images of nature which soothe, calm and inspire.   Through this course, you will develop techniques in mixed media, including - watercolour, gouache and acrylic combined with pastels, collage and other relevant approaches.

Session: Tues 1 Nov - 13 Dec10.30am - 1.00pm 

Tickets: £90/£81

Tutors: Lorna McNeill                                                 

Lorna Carmen McNeill 

Lorna is a multi-disciplinary artist and qualified teacher.  She has been involved in creative facilitation for some time.  Her artwork is immersive, sensory and experiential. She has exhibited widely and received several Arts Council and other Awards to develop her own artwork and for community development.  Lorna originally trained and practised as a Clinical Nutritionist and Health Behaviour Change trainer within the NHS, community, research and the private sector. She worked extensively with psychologists, training health professionals in core counselling skills, cognitive, behavioural and motivational strategies for achieving lifestyle change.  She has run innovative courses on art and well-being in the NHS, Further education, Art Colleges, Universities, Schools and the Corporate world.

​Lorna recently founded Arts Medicine Lab as a platform for experimental collaborations and taught workshops across multiple art forms (including visual art, sound, voice, music, movement, dance, words).  It fosters a dialogue between different art practices to cultivate improved health. Arts Medicine Lab works to achieve immersive experiences to facilitate deeper connection and expression.

  • Finding Peace Through Nature and Art

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