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Art Class with a Wine Glass: Drawing Dance

Drawing dance returns to Forest this Autumn 21, with a free glass of wine or soft drink.  

An interdisciplinary collaboration of art, exploring movement within visual arts. With contemporary dance artist Christina Binney and art tutor Lisa Christopher, the workshops consist of half facilitated movement and half improvised dance, where the visual artists are invited into the dance studio to draw movement as well as static poses. A fun and explorative drawing session for those interested in art, dance and the human form.


What you need: Wear clothes you don't mind making a mess in and your own drawing equipment.

We cannot provide equipment at this time. You will need: 

  • Chalk
  • Sketching pencil (any, HB is fine) 
  • Biros
  • Rubber and sharpener 

Paper will be included for each session, but artists are advised to bring rolls of paper for quick drawing during the movement section of the workshop.


Dancer: Christina Binney

With experience of working with infant, primary, junior, secondary and undergraduate students across London and the South West of England, Christina is a diverse, engaging and dedicated dance teacher and facilitator. Through workshops and performances, Christina provides educational choreographic projects external from curriculum as well as a tool for enhancing lessons through an artistic medium.

Tutor: Lisa Christopher

Lisa is a practicing artist as well as an established art tutor of 18 years. Teaching from secondary level to undergraduate and postgraduate level. Her tutoring is rooted in her own passion to share her knowledge and experience with her students using demonstrations, observation and experimentation. She creates a nurturing workshop environment that also challenges you to get the most possible from her classes - allowing you to develop your own personal approach and style and as well as learning alongside your peers. Her high level of support and resources ensures that her courses and processes are tailored to suit individual students' ideas and themes. Lisa is incredibly engaging and exciting - she enjoys the adventure of such a varied program of classes in a productive and creative studio environment.

The creativity experienced in Lisa's classes is contagious! Creative minds come together to learn, share experiences and ideas in Lisa's classes. Her teaching is dynamic, and we always have lots of fun!


Ticket: £20 

Session: Thursday 18 November, 6.30pm-8.30pm

Book your space on Art Class with a Wine Glass: Drawing Dance at Hampshire Cultural Trust's Forest Arts Centre, New Milton now!

We are taking steps to help everyone have a safe and enjoyable time. More information is available here.

  • Art Class with a Wine Glass: Drawing Dance

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